Addressing HIV and Sex and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) through Gender Norms Transformation and Transformative Masculinity

Project Location: Mashonaland East Province; Marondera Rural District; Ward 9,10, 11,12 and 13
Project Funder: Egmont Trust


  • To reduce cases of SGBV and HIV amongst men and women in Chihota Ward 9,10,11,12 by December 2023
  • To reduce cases of SGBV, teenage pregnancies, HIV and child marriages amongst school learners in Chihota Ward 9,10,11,12 by December 2023

Project Description

  • ACT engages mainly men and boys to question their current understanding of masculinity and gender stereotypes and promote behaviours that reduce domestic violence, increase family support and openness and promote positive perceptions of women.
  • The approach contributes to reduced cases of GBV, improved male risk perception with regard to HIV, increased spousal support for PMTCT, reduced cases of domestic violence, improved family support, positive perception of women and girls and community-based peer counselling for perpetrators of violence.

The above outcomes are realised through implementing the following activities.

  • Participatory community action planning meetings with local leadership
  • Training of gender norms transformation facilitators
  • Gender norms and transformative masculinity sessions (training) with men and boys out of school.
  • Gender norms and transformative masculinity sessions (training) with girls and boys  in school
  • Spouse feedback meetings
  • Establishment of fatherhood clubs
  • Establishment of school-based anti SGBV clubs
  • Sports for gender-equitable society tournaments
  • Commemoration of special events e.g. international day of the girl child and 16 Days of activism.
  • Establishment of school-based youth-friendly resource centres

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